chessfeels is a weekly podcast about chess culture, improvement, and psychology from chess teacher JJ Lang and therapist Julia Rios. tune in for irreverent conversations about this game we're all obsessed with. sponsored by chessable

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9: the future of chess is trans (with Sam Sharf of New College)

Floridian Sam Sharf joins JJ and Julia to discuss getting back into chess after coming out as trans, gaining 1400 uscf rating points in under a year, her experiences a...

8: what your chess opening says about your sex life (with NM Gopal Menon)

NSFW. NM Gopal Menon joins JJ and Julia to address the most important question for anybody building an opening repertoire: which openings fuck?

7: tilt, fizzle, and pop

JJ and Julia are not feeling it this week. And by 'it,' we mean playing chess. They take this opportunity to ask what the best way to overcome this fizzle is, and how ...

6: you are more than just your rating (you are also your blunders)

Why do so many chess players obsess over their ratings? What does this obsession look like, why is it often an impediment to progress, and what can we do to get over o...

5: are you an aggressive player? or just a bad person?

Julia and JJ question whether there is a connection between an aggressive style of play over the board and aggressively alienating personalities off the board. And, ev...

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