10: #chessgoals (or: the ceiling is the roof)

Julia and JJ meet up in person to talk about goal-setting, the assumptions that go into goal-setting, and what all of you are doing wrong.
Julia and JJ talk about what short and long term goals can look like. They expose the types of mistakes most of us make when setting goals or making plans towards achieving them. They also announce their new partnership with Chessable, but neglect to talk about whether using chessable can help with goal-setting. They pressure each other into sharing their own personal chess goals on the air.

Levy Rozman's tweet on ceilings vs floors
100 endgames you must know course
Geller - Bolbochan 1962, discussed after 13...Qb7 and 20. Rxd5 as examples of planning
10: #chessgoals (or: the ceiling is the roof)
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