chessfeels is a weekly podcast about chess culture, improvement, and psychology from chess teacher JJ Lang and therapist Julia Rios. tune in for irreverent conversations about this game we're all obsessed with. sponsored by chessable

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S2E9: Men would literally rather hire a chess coach than go to therapy

What do chess teaching and practicing therapy have in common? It sounds like a joke, and probably is, but you'll have to listen if you want to find out the actual answ...

S2E8: Men only want one thing and it's disgusting (an interview with WGM Jennifer Shahade)

Julia and JJ are joined by WGM and multi-hyphenate chess champion, poker pro, and author Jennifer Shahade to talk about the future (and past) of social media, the ment...

S2E7: you're studying openings wrong, and you should feel bad about it (ft. Nate Solon)

In the first podcast to ever feature two of the four highest rated chess players in the state of Nebraska, Omaha-based FM Nate Solon joins Julia and JJ to talk about h...

S2E6: It's 11pm on a Friday night. Do you know where your tooth is? (A Very Spooky Episode)

Julia and JJ solicited scary and "scary" stories from listeners and compiled them for a very spooky episode.

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