chessfeels is a weekly podcast about chess culture, improvement, and psychology from chess teacher JJ Lang and therapist Julia Rios. tune in for irreverent conversations about this game we're all obsessed with. sponsored by chessable

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39: the adhd episode part 2

JJ and Julia return to a fan favorite topic: adhd. This time, instead of hyperfocusing on their personal experiences with adhd, they hyperfocus on adhd testing, diagno...

38: a minisode about nothing


37: a conversation with Maya Marlette, chess thief

JJ and Julia interview Maya Marlette, a student of JJ's with a really cool chess backstory and an even cooler day job. Buy our really good merchTell us you love us by ...

36: chess therapy (no, not like that)

Julia and JJ switch hats now that JJ is cured. They discuss how to find and keep motivation for chess studying when time and energy are in short supply. Buy our really...

35: Isaac Haxton, the chess/poker boygenius who lived

Julia and JJ interview their old family friend, Isaac "Ike" Haxton. They catch up on Haxton's illustrious poker career, his less illustrious chess career, and everythi...

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